A brand created specifically for the cowgirl lifestyle.

About Us

Hi Everyone!

My name is Maddy Martins and I am the owner of Silver Spur Apparel.  I am so excited to have created an apparel line for all of my fellow cowgirls!  I've been riding since age 5 and have competed in the Pacific Coast Horse Association, AQHA, and rode on scholarship for Fresno State's NCEA Equestrian Team.  Nonetheless, I've spent countless hours at the barn!

I started this company because I always found my "barn" shirts to be plain t-shirts that I got on sale, but that turned against me when I would have a full day of errands to run after leaving the barn.  It left me feeling "blah" and dirty, but my husband would give me a hard time for wearing one of my "nicer" shirts to the barn!  Who can relate?!  With the desire to bring equestrian lingo to fashionable shirts, I decided to create a line that I would be proud to run around town in before and after the barn.  

A TON of thought and hard work has been put into designing each style and choosing the right shirts.  The best quality of shirts are used for all styles, and color choices have been selected to withstand the dirt and dust!  Thought was not only put into the apparel itself, but the brand name gives a special nod to my maiden name, Silver, as my parents were the ones who fostered my love and passion for the equestrian lifestyle from a young age.  Special thanks to them. <3

I hope you enjoy the shirts as much as I do and I can't wait to see you in them!